Dr. Donna Paulowsky

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Chiropractic, Wellness, Spine Care, Pain Management & More

Torque Release and Network Practitioner

Dr. Paulowsky is a Torque Release and Network Practitioner,  which are highly effective, low-force techniques.  These methods include light-contact and low-force.  They are safe for everyone from infants to seniors.  Spinal subluxation leaves your body’s neurology and physiology in an increasingly stressed state, leading to the development of the symptoms you may be experiencing. Both Torque Release Technique and Network Techniques target the underlying causes restoring you to a health and state of mind free of interference.

Dr. Paulowsky began her journey into Chiropractic Healthcare in 1987 when she suffered with sever sciatic pain while she was pregnant with her daughter.  After graduating from Sherman College, she wanted to stay in Greenville to set up her practice.

Chiropractic health care has been a blessing in Dr. Paulowsky’s life and has allowed her to guide people on their path to health without drugs or surgery.  It is rewarding to help people return to health and get their life back.  Chiropractic health care is an effective approach to regaining and maintaining health.

It’s not just the medical condition that the patient must deal with, but also the pain and how that affects their day-to-day life.  Pain and suffering limits their recreation, daily activities, work, sleep, relationships.  It makes life smaller by taking away the things that they enjoy or the ability to keep their daily routines.  Dr. Paulowsky is a passionate shag dancer and golfer who finds so much joy in being able to move freely.  She wants everyone to find that physical freedom to pursue their passions.