Jo Despain

Integrated Isolation Therapy AKA Neuromuscular Therapy

Jo began the pursuit of Neuromuscular Therapy in 2000, seeking a better way to deal with her own injuries and movement limitations.  Starting with Head, Neck and Facial pain, she focused on the muscular problems accompanying TMJ Disorders as well as upper cervical conditions. After three years in this unique field, she expanded her practice by encompassing soft tissue rehabilitation throughout the entire body; treating a wide variety of muscular injuries and disorders from muscle tears to Fibromyalgia.

Combining several modalities into a unique protocol pattern, Jo’s treatments are an integrative isolation of the problem areas within the postural function and structure. 

Working with people in a clinical setting allowed Jo to decrease patients pain and improve their body awareness. However, there was a missing piece leaving each person dependent upon constant treatment; desiring to offer more to her patients she pursued the next step in rehab – movement. In 2007 she became a fully certified Pilates’ instructor after fulfilling Momentum’s comprehensive apprenticeship program, and completing their examinations encompassing the classical Pilates exercises and a therapeutic vision providing movement for any body. Jo brings all the elements of her unique rehabilitation experience together with a passion for better movement and less pain for everyone she encounters; helping each individual with their own body awareness and connection. Jo has been practicing in Greenville since 2016 after 5 years away in the UK with her family. Jo has gained invaluable experience in rehab and movement as a result of working with Physio Therapists, Chiropractors and Pilates instructors form around the world.

Jo is a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and holds a full Studio Certification in Pilates from Momentum Studio in Albuquerque, NM where she studied under Aline Alexander. 

“Jo’s ability to identify and treat muscle, skeletal and structural problems is above and beyond physical therapists and/or previous treatments in the past. Knowledgeable and willing to refer to other disciplines when necessary. A certified miracle worker!” -ML

“jo is amazing at what she does & has helped me feel physically and mentally better every time I see her. I would recommend her to anyone that has not had relief from ‘traditional’ treatments!” - JA