Heidi Kurtz

CNHP, Holistic Natural Health Practitioner

Current Student—Doctor of Natural Medicine

  • Certified Natural Health Professional

  • Master Iridologist

  • XTract™ Facilitator and Instructor

  • Teacher and Speaker

  • Furman University Graduate

  • Owner Holistic Heidi, LLC

 As a Natural Health Practitioner, Heidi’s drive is to find and address the root cause of health issues through her understanding of the mind-body-soul connection. Each person has his or her own inherent health challenges and weaknesses, so she assesses and works with each client’s individual needs to return the body to its natural balance. Through the use of several different modalities, Heidi looks at the two main causes of dis-ease, deficiency and toxicity. She will base her specific recommendations on these findings with nutrition at the for take an hour and a half. You will be sent an intake form and instructions prior to the first meeting.

Although natural health came later in Heidi’s career path, health has always been a cornerstone in her life. While attending Furman University, she went to France on foreign study where she discovered different modalities of healing. She took note as the French would take nutritional supplements, eat a whole food diet and see naturopaths as their first line of health support. Unknowingly, this was her introduction to natural medicine and she began implementing these methods into her life back home. After graduating, she taught in Greenville County and found that she was just as passionate about giving her students tips on how to stay healthy as she was teaching her subject matter. 

When her mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, Heidi retired from teaching and started her journey into natural healing as a profession. She became a Certified Natural Health Professional through Trinity School of Natural Health and continues to take classes to provide clients with a well-rounded knowledge base. Through her experience and studies, Heidi believes that the key to optimal health is balance, with nutrition at the forefront. When the body is out of balance, she looks for the root cause rather than just eliminating the symptoms. As emotions, spirituality, exercise and diet all play a role in a healthy body, she’s determined to dig deep with her clients to discover often simple changes that can be made to revive optimal health.

Learn more at: http://www.holisticheidi.com