Eric Eckelman



LMBT #2706

Eric Eckelman is a Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist, Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (muscle taping).     

Eric spent 20 years as a mechanical engineer technician; he is technically minded and able to demonstrate numerical and scientific ability and a high level of problem-solving skills.  Eric changed careers 18 years ago and found a way to merge mechanical engineering with biological engineering.  His primary goal is to help people move with more freedom and less pain. He brings his methodical, engineering approach to massage, understanding that bodies are machines that need continual adjustments to function optimally.  His approach to body work is very straight forward with a focus to get the client moving pain free quickly. Eric is exceptionally skilled at educating clients on how their injury occurred and how to avoid the problem in the future. He works with you to create a body maintenance program.

His work with professional athletes, dancers and weekend warriors demonstrates his understanding of the mechanics of movement. Treating low back issues, tennis and golfers’ elbows, hip and leg issues, neck and shoulder tensions and frozen shoulders. Eric is all about your total well-being and living pain free.

 He also works with people pre- and post-surgery to help bring back the fascia tissue movement, speeding up the recovery for faster healing.

 Eric’s goal is to reduce your body pain, helping you keep an active lifestyle.